Bobby Nathan
Favorite Gig Photo's
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Ray Gomez                                                                     Bobby Chouinard

James and Bobby

Tom                                                                    James Bernard

Richie                                  Baron Ranmode                               Arno Hect

Gary, Bobby, Richie and Cliff

Richie Julio and Bobby

Joanne, Bo Diddley and Bobby

Bobby and Terry Brock

"Super Dave" Patrick

Mark Naftalin                                          Chris Palmero

"Roast Beef" Joe                                        Richie Cambell

Bobby Nathan, John Paris, Bobby Held and Godfrey Townsend

Julio Fernandez                                                  Bobby


Henry E. Juszkiewicz
CEO and Chairman of Gibson Musical Instruments

John, Moogy Klingman and Even Steven                      Ron Sperling , Nacy Martinez and Ed Terry

Elder LI Bluesman's table - Sam Taylor, Dave Patrick, Doug McClen and Bobby Nathan

Eddie Terry, Bobby Cleary, Cindy Thrall and Dana Radford

Bobby Nathan, David Keys and Jerry Jemmott

Luaren & Bobby                                             Ann Morgan

Roz, Danoid and Ivan

Eron Buddies - Bobby Nathan, Bobby Held and Elliot Saffir

Bobby, Sam Taylor and Heather Hardy

Eric Joanne and Bobby at Papaya King - former Sponser

Bobby and Frank Celenza

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